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We mainly market wheat from Argentina, but we also have wheat from Brazil, Russia and Ukraie. Currently, the wheat region of Argentina is located in the Pampean region and is divided into seven ecological subregions according to local climate and soil characteristics. The subregions are called: Ecological Subregion of Wheat I, II north, II south, III, IV, V north and V south. This wide region has a temperate climate, with two well differentiated areas: one humid, with an average of 800 millimeters per year, and another semi-arid, with 600 millimeters.

International: On a world production of 758.2 million tons of wheat (1% more than in the year 2016), Argentina with 18 M tn. climbs two steps in the ranking of wheat-producing countries, placing in the tenth position.
Artgentina obtained an interannual increase of 20%, going from 15 to 18 M tn, representing 2.4% of the international market. This campaign is placed as the second best since 2007 where the Domestic production reached 18.6 M tn.
The European Union with 151.6 M tn. Continues to lead the ranking by generating 20% of global wheat, followed by China with 130 M tn. and India with 98.3 Millons tn.

Argentina is one of the main wheat exporting countries, along with Australia, Canada, the United States and the European Union.