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We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you, specialty Legumes Micro Flour manufacturer, "La Troja", a company that for more than 12 years has understood the needs of your clients and the industry, continuously working to provide quality products, exceeding even his own objectives.

We invite you to know up close, to share what they do with the same passion as in his beginnings. To understand why they have been able to promote this project, with the highest quality standards and generating solid relationships over time.

His sustained growth, focused on the quality of both your raw materials and his products and a strategic location in the heart of Argentina, has allowed they to reach international markets, covering countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America. South.

His plant is located in the city of Oncativo, Province of Córdoba, and in it they produce textured soy protein, gluten-free flours, extruded and grains selection, soybean inactivated and balanced foods.