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We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you specialty fertilizer manufacturer NPK Expert.
It is Latvian-based fertilizer producer known as the fertilizer expert, able to solve any problem related to specific growth conditions and cultures grown. Specialists at NPK Expert have developed more than 230 fertilizer formulas for agriculture needs around the globe. Farmers use these products to grow cereals, vegetables, fruits, cotton, tobacco, coffee, tea and more. NPK Expert offers a range of specialty fertilizer blends, mono fertilizers, organic peat products, humate and sapropel. Alongside fertilizers, the Company works with smart agriculture solutions that help to clients to improve existing lands and significantly increases productivity. During the last yeasr NPK Expert continued to strengthen its business, develop innovations and further sharpen its working structure.
Headquarters and production site of the company located in Liepāja city, which is one of the largest sea ports in the Baltic States. The company has offices in Finland, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Togo, Sudan and Switzerland. It ensures delivery of products anywhere in the world.
Today NPK Expert is exporting its' products to more than 25 countries worldwide, including Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia), West Africa (Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Benin, Cameroon, Congo), Central Africa (Burundi, Chad, Congo, Rwanda) and East Africa (Tanzania, Mozambique, Djibouti), Latin America (Dominican Republic and Guyana) and Europe (Germany, Sweden, Finland and Baltic states).
In 2015 NPK Expert had been awarded The Red Jackets prize for achievements in the field of export and was listed among the 25 biggest Latvian exporters.