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Minimum quality requirements

The apple delight according to its characteristics of health and appearance It will be classified in the following categories:
a) First Category.
b) Second Category.
c) Category third

In all categories, subject to the special provisions for each category and tolerances allowed, the apple delight must:

- Be healthy, and free of rot or decay that makes them not be suitable for consumption.
- Be of firm consistency;

Technical name: APPLE RED DELICIUS

General Description: The apple is the fruit of the apple tree (Malus domestica), a tree of the Rosaceae family, it has a bright red skin or shell, a whitish pulp, it is somewhat sandy and with a slightly acid taste, the variety comes from this variety Royal Red Delicious.

Physical - organoleptic characteristics:

Shape: This fruit has a truncated conical shape, with five well-marked lobes or protuberances, sometimes somewhat irregularly due to deficiencies in the pollination.
His skin is almost always bright and smooth.

Color: Usually has skin (shell) bright red, and sometimes has stripes and whitish yellowish pulp.

Size and weight: The average size is 160 to 240 grams, 70 to 85 millimeters in size.

Taste: Sweet, with almost no acid, very aromatic and its pulp is usually soft.
Coloring: For all categories, in the absence of national legislation,
The following color codes should be applied according to the following table:
Code .............Color Percentage
A: -------------> 75% or more
B: -------------> 50% or more
C: -------------> 25% or more
D: -------------> Less than 25%

Maximum 5% is accepted per container of the apple with green coloration that does not affect more than 1/5 of the surface of the fruit, with the exception of the variety of green skin.

Size: The apples by their size will be classified:

Caliber ...........Diámeter (mm)
A: --------------> 95 or Higher
B: --------------> Between 80 y 85
C: --------------> Between 65 y 80
D: --------------> 65 or minor
Maturity Index: This will be determined by the following characteristics:

- Resistance of the pulp, a range of 13 to 18 pounds / pressure will be accepted.
- Grade of sugar (soluble solids), a range of 10 to 13% will be accepted.



- Be free of any foreign smell and / or taste;
- Be clean, and practically free of any visible foreign matter;
- Be whole, the peduncle may be absent, as long as the cut be clean and the adjacent skin is not damaged;
- Be free of abnormal external moisture, except condensation consequent to its removal from a cold store;
- To be practically free of pests, and damages caused by them, that affect the general appearance of the product;
- Be exempt from damages caused by low and / or high temperatures;
- Be practically free of signs of dehydration;
- The apples must have the peduncle cut flush with the fruit.

a) First Category: Apples in this category must be of quality
superior and characteristics of the variety. The pulp should be healthy. They should not have defects, except very slight superficial defects as long as affect the general appearance of the product, its quality, its state of preservation and
presentation in the package.

b) Category Two: Apples in this category must be good quality and characteristics of the variety. The pulp should be healthy. Will be able allow, however, the following slight defects, provided that no affect the general appearance of the product, its quality, its state of preservation and presentation in the package:
· A slight defect in form, and development.
· A slight defect in coloration.
· Mild skin or other defects.

c) Category Three: This category includes apples that can not be classified in the higher categories, but meet the minimum requirements specified in Section 2.1. The following may, however, be allowed defects, as long as the apples retain their essential characteristics with regard to its quality, state of preservation and presentation:
· Defects of form and development.
· Color defects.
· Skin or other defects.